How can I love my friend and want to marry him and yet kissing him seems strange, but sex seems great?

I really truly think I love my best friend. We used to like each other. We never dated though because we were in different places... then one of us stopped liking the other. We kissed in high school, but that ended abruptly too.

I love him though. He just completes me in such a way that I can't explain to anyone. I love being around him, I miss him when he is away. I can call him out on his bs. We tell each other all of our deepest darkest secrets... we are just far to intimate for two friends... but then the idea of kissing him seems odd to me.

I really want to hook up with him though. Maybe I'm just so freaked out b/c he is my best friend? We've fought before and almost lost our friendship... but then he kept trying to be my friend over and over again... he was pretty darn persistent. We're friends again. I feel like we can get through anything after what he and I have been through with each other. I just... don't get it. I want SO badly to spend my life with him, but I think I'm afraid to go for it because I don't see him trying to go after me... at least I don't think. He surely hasn't asked me out or anything. I am the type who likes to be chased a bit. I don't think I could chase him.

Ah, any thoughts?


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  • Hm, well I'll start off with a simple: this is adorable. But as for your predicament... Love is a funny thing that grows at it's own pace. Bestfriends like you guys normally grow together and into passionate feelings rather slowly and then all at once. If you don't worry about it it's likely to grow in your favor, but you could also just tell him. You don't have to ask how he feels or even chase him. That's the nice thing about ring bestfriends, you can tell eachother anything and this is no exception. Explain your feelings and see what happens or wait it out and let it developed. That's my advice. :)

    • hahaha I'm glad you think it's adorable! I am super confused. I think the more I think about it the more confused I get!! I hope that things do grow in my favor... but what if I told him, we dated and then it didn't work out? ah, that would be so awful!

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    • Haha yeah, but age says little about a person or their experiences :) I can see the avoiding as a possibility but it will likely go away. I'm telling you, time reveals all. :D

    • Hahaha yeah. I just wish I could know sooner than later!

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