Why do I feel like I am slowly losing my fiancée, am I paranoid? Please tell me it's all in my head?

I'll make this as short as possible, but I need some real insight.

I got in an argument with a couple coworkers while at work the day after Christmas, and I lost my temper. I just up and walked out on the job, It was a supervisory position and paid $10 an hour.
That was possibly the most IDIOTIC thing I have ever done and I regret it terribly, I tried getting my job back but my boss gave me the cold shoulder and said there's no coming back.
I've struggled trying to find another job since I quit. My fiancée is now left with this extra $$ burden. She has been working 70hrs a week, but still, something seems different about her. She has been snappy and I react and snap back. I'm starting to not see the joy in her eyes anymore, our intimacy is slackin, and we have had sex twice in the past 3 weeks.
I try to get her to open up and talk, all she says is she's tired, which I can certainly understand. At times I feel like she is falling out of love with me, but I think a lot of that could be in my head too, I don't know. I haven't been myself either. This has been a major ego crusher on me and it's my fault I admit.
I'm sleeping like 3 hours a night, I can't sleep because my mind is racing 24/7 due to stress. I went to see my doctor because of the horrible insomnia, and he thinks I am just really distressed and possibly depressed
. He has me taking valium to help me fall asleep and a low dose of Xanax to help with my anxiety. Are all of these perceptions of mine just "anxiety" or is my relationship going to sh**?


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  • It's definitely not all in your head.
    You caused her to have to pick up the slack.
    Now she is carrying a burden that she didn't bargain for.

    The only way to fix this is to show you appreciate everything she is doing.
    When she is rude or nagging, it doesn't excuse her behavior.
    But understand she is under a lot of stress and has reason to be.
    Also, keep on the hunt of finding a job, daily !
    Relieve her from this.
    If she sees you aren't just staying home and you are actively looking, she might start to feel differently about you.

    As soon as you get a job,
    Take her out to her favorite restaurant.
    Buy her flowers !
    Do the things that make her feel wonderful.


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  • It sounds you're both in a crappy place right now..
    Do something special for her.. Make sure the house is all clean and tidy and have a meal cooked for her all romantic with candles to show her you appreciate everything she does..
    I think you're just in a rut.. Once you find yourself back at work I reckon you'll notice a big positive change :)

  • She's up set that you lost u're job by acting like a child and now has to deal with the problem that you created

  • She's resenting the fact that you acted like a child, lost your job and now she has to deal with the brunt of it. That's not what she signed up for.
    Show her that you're looking for a job and in the meantime make things nice for her at home - do the housework etc...
    70 hours a week is hardcore - I can understand where she is coming from.


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  • what you do TODAY can affect you TOMORROW-mistninnja314 #moment

    yea she is going to be gone at this rate man and i don't blame her because you should have let your cooler head prevail...

    • get a source of income and let her vent at you for the time being ^^

      sometimes we have to swallow our pride as men lolol

  • She's very exhausted when she comes home and it doesn't make it any better with you just arguing with her. To be honest you should be doing a lot around the house for her like cleaning, cooking for her, making a warm bubble bath for her. Since you don't have a job she'll always be. mad until you get one. Take good care of your fiancé as best as you can. Keep arguing she'll just leave you cause she can't handle the stress, you need to keep her calm and all times.

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