I don't like dancing but i'm getting married, what do I do?

I'm getting married and I'm terrified of dancing. Like beyond anything else. I just don't like being center of attention as it is. Help! We're having a normal wedding, so ceremony and reception. I just I'm freaking out


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  • I can totally relate. I've never been married but always found the thought of dancing at my wedding rather horrible. I'd feel so fake because it's just not me and I wouldn't want to feel awkward at my own wedding.

    I've looked this up on google and we're not the only ones! Have you seen this site before? Maybe you find some nice alternative that you feel comfortable with? Nobody should be forced to do things they dislike or don't feel comfortable with on their own wedding! I don't care if people say it's "traditional" or whatever.



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  • Is your problem just dancing publicly... or dancing overall?
    Because you could always take dance classes to get used to what you'll be doing

    • Public anything

    • Well just focus on him the entire time and you'll soon forget everyone else... and if you do take dance classes at least you'll be a lot more comfortable in front of the public eye

  • I'm akwardly aweful on the dancefloor as well, but it helps trying not give a sh*t about what everyone else is thinking of you being on the dancefloor (Or in the center of attention) :D

    • I wish it would that easy. Ugggg why do we even dance at weddings like what is that a thing? The first dance and all that

    • Yeah, it's way easier said than done. Just think of the great relief you'll get when you're done! :)

    • Yea but my fiance is gonna want more than one dance... I just ugh why

  • ıf you not dancing than not to dancing


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