Due to get married next year he is havin 2nd thoughts and has given til valentines day to sort it or its over what to do?

Hi we are due to get married in 2016 however he suddenly stopped all physical contact no kissin or owt around November after a lads only weekend away. Now after being distant even at Christmas he has sat me down and said our relationship isn't how it was and he doesn't see us lasting. He is willibg to give us a month (until Valentine's day) to sort it out if not we are over.
Im veri puzzled as he is the one that has been pulling away i dont know if he is doing it so he does not look like the bad guy for breaking it off. Any advice would b helpful.
He has told me not to let anyone know either which is strange to me.


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  • To be honest, I wouldn't want to marry someone who was having second thoughts. You deserve someone who KNOWS what they want and knows that the person they want is you without any doubt. Maybe it's time to let the relationship burn out... Possibly marrying a guy because he says he's "ready/sure now" is ridiculous.


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  • Sounds really shitty :( What kind of reasons did he give?

    • His reasoning is that he doesn't think we are communicating aswell as we did. But then he started to discuss when we call it off what we would do saying he will always love me but we may not be right for each other it sounded so rehearsed xx