Ladies, how would you feel and react if your lover would only marry you after sigining the pre up? he loves you but understands the 52 % divorce rate?

i mean, it shouldn't matter to you unless you're after his money right? say he has more assets than you. i dont think it should matter. i think the law is wrong to take a mans life based on the success of his marriage and allows women to take advantage


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  • I was fine with it especially since I was the one who suggested it. Nobody wants to think about their marriage ending, and many don't. But you have to be real and I think it's only fair that you leave with what you came with and that any assets purchased after marriage are liquidated and split (i. e. sell the house, split the net profit).

    • you are mature beyond your years. its like talking about life insurace... talkin about a future worst potential thing possible lol

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  • I can tell you one thing, I'd be pissed as hell. We may as well just go to a courthouse, sign the damn document, and then live apart and only be married on paper then for all I care. Pre-nups take the magic, if you will, out of weddings. Turns it into a business contract. Might as well treat it like a business contract then and be like every other business partner and not live together or function as a married couple then. Hell, might as well just not get married and live in sin for the rest of our lives! Yay!

    Yeah... no, I'd be very unwilling to sign one. Not because I secretly plan on getting away with all his cash - 'cause I'm not the type to do that - but because I am a romantic at heart and am old fashioned in my views on love and commitment. I don't believe in divorce.

    The way I see it, and feel free to disagree, is that a pre-nup is his way of saying, "So this marriage has a 100% chance of failing."

    • Pre nups, just protect assets you have before the marriage. Nothing wrong with protecting assets you worked hard to earn. Just because you get married doesn't entitle your spouse to assets you have before, you entered into the marriage.

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    • think about it. she broke you heart and she took your finances/liefstyle... oh and your a slave to child support while she's in your house with your son you can only meet once a week.

    • id think if the person was only in it for love, she wouldn't care at all. why would she. its a fairytale mentality to think divorce could never happen.

  • I would have no problem signing a pre nup, because I would never marry a man for anything other than love.

  • Without my love I'd have no use for his riches.. I'd sign with no harsh feeling toward him. It's important woman maintain their own independence.


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  • Sounds fair to me ^^ here's my take though about marriage for the most part.

    Think about it what's in marriage for men? yea that right, nothing that he couldn't get from just being bf-gf (cohabitation). Once that marriage license is printed she legally and officially has all the power LOL. What she says goes and if you don't like it DIVORCE LOL

    So why get married to begin with, if it's true love a marriage license does nothing but cause problems imho? If neither of y'all aren't planning on going anywhere or should I say "staying together until death does y'all part" that's all that matters right. So why not just give her a ring and call her your wife and take a fake wedding picture and boom you're done while living happily ever after.

    those are copy paste answers of mine about marriage LOL

  • Does it make you feel better to know the divorce rate has been going down? The latest is that about 70% of marriages that began in the 1900's reached their 15th anniversary, and if trends continue, about 2/3 will never involve divorce.

    Not saying a prenup is a bad idea, just that things are a little less bleak now.

    • thnx for the update and i m glad. i hate seeing broken lives through divorces. its multi generational suffering

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    • well its too soon tell as you get closer to the present. more last as they get older

    • this is funny

  • I'd say a pre-nup is pretty much a necessity these days regardless of who makes more money in the relationship. It doesn't say anything about one's level of trust for their partner, it's simply contingency planning. Like car insurance.

    • i agree. women do marry with this in mind, that she can take half of his life savings... earnings as part of the deal. they also hold it against him to gain power during the marriage. this is why men who are well off aren't settling down... and i dont think being a single bachelor into your 50s and 60s is cool. looks empty and immature even for a rich man

  • Judges and courts changes since the fifties, you know?