What are girls' thoughts on their proposals?

I propose my business partner... She was a good friend of mine.. One day she told me that she got engaged (for arrange marriage) she did't love her fiancé) I feel that I am in love with her... The feeling of her losing was so depressive... My stomach goes down with that news... She is in my thoughts every second of my life now... she remain present in my thoughts even when I awake in the middle of the night... I send her mail and propose her... she is my partner is work and now she want me to work only.. She don't want me to talk on this subject anymore.. I think I can't forget her till my last breath.. whenever I try to ask her anything about love or her feeling she get angry... Currently she talks only on business matters. we both are web developers / SEO guys.


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  • She is under pressure most likely where is she from

    • She is from Pakistan. She could end even business relations but she didn't do that thing. I am mad for her love. Her voice made me relax. even I enjoyed thinking about her..

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