Which girl I should marry?

I love a girl and she does. But another girl who loves me and my family is also like that girl. So what should I do? Which one I should marry?


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  • If there is a conflict in your mind, then marriage is not right. Marriage is something you should only do if you love her enough to treat her like you are both the same being.


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  • Do they know you like/are seeing both of them.. Or are you leading them on... And what makes you think it's really love? You've said nothing except you love them both and they love you back. We don't know enough to form a decent opinion.

    • OK i clear it for you. I love kinza and she also love me. And there is another girl Pinky who also loves me but i don't love her. And my family is also wish that i merry to pinky. but i don't want to merry with pinky. i want to merry with kinza.

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    • Thank you owner. It's a Good idea. Thank you so much.

    • Hope you marry the right girl. Good luck!

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