Is SEX necessary while dating...or should I wait till both get married ?

Is sex imp before marriage OR after Marriage


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  • Here is my total full on opinion. I am a very sexual person. I'll be 24 in a few months and I'm still a virgin. I actually plan to be til I get married. With that said I am by no means the virgin mary. I get horny just like everyone else. And just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean that I haven't done other things. Because I have. I think its better to at least wait til your in a monogomous relationship to have sex if you can. But if you are going to have sex then follow this rule:

    Treat the decision to have sex like a business in this way: When you go and get hired at a new job they put you on a 90 day probation. The reason they do this is because they want to get a chance to view your performance. They want to make sure that you're honest, reliable, consistant, and that you can be counted on. They want to make sure that you're a good fit for the job before they give you all the perks and benefits that the job has to offer. Same thing when dating. Get to know him first. You need to find out weather or not he's honest, reliable, consistant, and that he is able to be counted on by you. You need to know all these things first before you start handing out the "benefits and perks." That way if he does turn out to be a lemmon then at least you didn't sleep with him. And if he is a keeper then it will make the experiance that much better and you'll be less likely to regret it.

    And by the way I did get all this from a bunch of guys. They said they respect a girl that will make them wait and make them work for it.


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  • Sex is something that both people in a relationship need to agree upon.

    If one is ready, and the other is not, then it's not the right time to have sex.

    If a person wants to wait until marriage, that is their right and there is no reason for them to change their reason unless they specifically want to.

  • I personally think waiting till you are married is over rated. I have a friend she married her high school sweetheart she is not 29 just got a divorce now the guys she has had sex with since she found out how bad the sex was she was having with her man. She thought there was something wrong with her that he couldn't get her off. Now she knows it was him. You want to take the chance of not knowing yourself sexually before getting married then I hope you don't regret it. I think sex is very important in a relationship you have to know how you check if you have sexual chemistry before you marry this person. What are you gonna do when your married and have sex and find out you have not sexual chemistry. I had a girl that when I kissed her we drove each other through the roof she easily brought me to attention she still does when we run into one another at a bar and make out. Although every time we tried to have sex there was nothing there for either one of us just nothing. I was hard and ready to go and we went and it was just felt wrong for both of us. You want to chance that?


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  • Sex is something that both people need to agree upon, but lets face it, guys always want sex. So that's not really a good base to place it upon. Being one of the very few virgins in my high school anymore I will tell you to wait. Lots of people are having sex, but I guess it comes down to which would you rather risk. Having sex with a guy and losing your virginity, and it not working out, then later in your future finding someone that you really care about, and not being able to give them your body because you gave it to someone else? Or would you rather enjoy yourself now and not think of the future? Teenage years to your early 20's, lets face it, people are constantly coming in and out of your life. Wait till your life is settled and maybe by that time you want to get married. Who wants to have sex with someone who they probably will never see again? Before marriage its most likely lust, fun at first, but it will die out without anything else. How many people can say they waited till marriage now days? I'd say save it, even if you love your partner. You both may want it, but respect is better than sex in the long run. Do it with someone you love and know you're going to be with, as oppossed to someone it may end with. A lot of good guys find it as a turn off if a girl has had a lot of sex before. When you've had too much expirence in sex and your partners have changed, there is always the pressure to be the best with your current one, which neither of you want.