My man and I are thinking of eloping, anyone done it?

So my man and I have been together a year. He deploys soon and it was always the plan to get married either before or after. weve both met each others families, the families are for it. We already love together so there won't be a huge move in shock. We both agree on family, know eachother finances, etc. it's not a step we take lightly and it's something we are ready for.
For many different reasons it's seeming like eloping is the way to go. And then when he returns having a big party.
Have any of you guys/gals eloped or had a civil/ courthouse ceremony?


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  • Obviously marriage is Super Serious Business but oh my gosh that sounds so cute! I think he gets a pay bump if he's married too. If you guys feel ready to get married anyway go for it. At the same time there's something to be said for waiting until after his first deployment so you can see how you feel being in a long distance relationship. I'm sure there are other variables not listed here so it's your choice.

    • It's not much of a pay bump honestly all it is is 250 extra for housing. That's all the extra money, so obviously I'm not really in it for the money :P hehe
      It something we want to do which will also give me access to paperwork so I can handle any business that comes up when he's gone

    • I can def see the merit in the paperwork stuff

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  • What's eloping?

    • Oh haha it's getting married without a big party or ceremony, usually without many family and friends. Sometimes without telling anyone until after.

    • Sounds like a good idea. Less expensive.

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