Why do people marry people with such huge age gaps?

It really makes no sense. If you are marrying a LIFE partner, it makes sense that you won't statistically be likely to outlive this person by decades...


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  • If we're talking decades I don't get it either, but if we're talking about 5-10 years than if the man's older it's just a maturity thing and if the women's older, well women tend to outlive men.

    • I think once you get to double digits that is too much... maybe a bit more is okay if the people are older... like 40 and 50 is better than 20 and 30, but generally upper single digits is already pushing it.

    • Everyone's different though so it may be perfect for other people.

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  • With so many marriages being unhappy or ending in divorce, maybe a huge age-gap isn't such a bad idea!