How much time before marriage?

I always pondered on the idea of why people get married so early, not spending enough time to know someone then getting divorced within a short period of time.

So my main question is: How much time do you believe is needed to be spent on knowing someone before pulling out the engagement ring then getting married? I believe 3+ years is good enough to see someone's true colors but that's just my opinion.


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  • I think that each couple has a different time. Some see each other more often, some don't... So, I believe that one year and a half and more is quite enough. But it'll depend of both people and how their relationship work.

    • That is a factor to consider. A year and a half or more with living with someone or just seeing them periodically?

    • If it's living with the person I think it's more than enough to see if it's gonna work of not. I mean seeing the person every say or almost every day.

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  • I think it should at least be a year of dating before engagement and then at least a year of engagement. That's not how things work by me though. By me people meet and are married within a year and then there's me with my ancient 3 year old old maid status relationship lol

  • Where I live, the men get married at 30
    And the women at 18-22

    And they get married in less than 2 months of knowing eachother. And their mairages work out fine and are happy.

    • I wonder how their relationships work out so well with such a small time span to know one another? I would have thought that knowing the person inside out first would be the true determinant as to whether the marriage will either be successful or not.

    • It's the culture here... So I guess maybe culture has something to do with it?

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