Are humans naturally monogamous, and do you want to get married eventually or more than once?

Being with more than one person at all, but being with one at a time is serial monogamy. I think we can all agree that, because of that, humans aren't *naturally* monogamous--which is only having one partner, ever--like... Geese, I think it was. If you disagree, feel free to say why.

If you do want to get married eventually, then why? What are the positives and negatives of marriage? Why do the positives out weight the negatives?

If you don't want to get married, ever, then why? What are the positives and negatives of marriage? Why do the positives out weight the negatives?

The one to explain their position in detail, rationally, while addressing the positives and negatives of marriage will get the MHO.

  • Humans are naturally monogamous, and I'd like to get married.
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  • Humans aren't naturally monogamous, but marriage is worth a try.
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  • Humans aren't naturally monogamous and marriage isn't worth it.
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  • Humans are naturally monogamous, but I don't want to get married.
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  • Other (Please elaborate, below)
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Damn. I doubled up on the not getting married options. >_> We'll just mix the percentages of C and D together for people who don't want to get married, for whatever reason.


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  • Humans aren't naturally monogamous its just a tradition that was invented by man long ago. Does it work? At times it does but in order to make it work one half has to suffer more then the other. Will I get married? some day. Why? Because when I marry someone its going to be some one I trust. Cons there might be some struggles along the way. Pros Its someone I could make love to and not be afraid of getting a sexually transmitted disease or having a baby.

    • Why would you still get married? You could have all the pros you mentioned without a piece of paper. And, wives cheat. Probably a lot more than we know, because they're shady and, I think, less likely to tell people that they have cheated: unlike males who blab it all the time or get caught, because they suck at hiding such things. She could still go out and get an STD and bring it home to you.

    • Which brings us back to why? Why would I get married? Because its somebody I trust tbh I don't trust any women yet.

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  • Human's aren't naturally monogamous, since begining of time they weren't. But still it worths the shot to try it once in your life. Is esential in order to build a healthy family.

  • I don't understand... are serial monogamous people monogamous to you or not?

    • Semantics. There's monogamy, then there's serial monogamy. Two different things. It may have the name of monogamy in it, but it's hardly similar. The contrast is misleading, in my opinion. Truly monogamous creatures only mate with *one* partner for the rest of their lives, even if that partner dies, they'll never mate again. Serial monogamy is a person jumping from relationship to relationship, or sex partner to sex partner, one at a time--[...]. That's more similar to polyamorous animals than monogamous animals.

      Monogamy is a social construct, not natural. Many people refer to themselves as monogamous, which is misleading, even if they're really serial monogamists. That's my claim. People may classify them in the same realm, but I disagree.

      And really. You can only fit a dick into one hole at a time. If you really wanted to get technical, all animals are serial monogamists since they only have one dick. Well, those that do. Though, I've never heard of a multi-pronged animal. Different.

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    • well, then.. I guess I can agree that monogamy is not natural. if the other person dies, you usually want to find another companion after some grieving, because you don't want to stay alone until you die.

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