What is your deal breaker in considering marriage?

mines are: aside from the obvious

1. raising kids as christians
2. not about growth/is complacent (physically (health and fitness), financially, intellectually, spiritually ect)
3. does not believe in God/does not ask questions
4. does not respect parents/elders
5. does not live a well ordered life
6. does not know how to love
7. no common sense/reason
8. Yolo attitude (careless and reckless)
9. can't be a team player
10. does not want kids
11. just bad energy all around

done for now but there's prob more


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  • Eh I don't know about most but in aspect of kids, she has to want kids because that's very important to me, she has to be willing to allow them to be educated and formulate their own opinions about religion. Those are the only big things to me that I can think of, other than allowing me to parent and be open to discussion about subjects, not close minded.


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  • Good list!

  • 2,7,9,11...

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