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I thought you might not have feelings for me anymore, but you weren't ready to admit it yet?

So, early September my girlfriend took a trip to visit some friends out of state. I encouraged the trip because she doesn't have many friends and I was happy to see her have someone to engage with.

We had just moved into a new place together (from an old place together). We hadn't really been in the new place for a week before her trip.

When she returned, I noticed breakup like symptoms. We weren't doing the little things anymore; growing feelings of distance between us and less fooling around. Not to mention extra irritability.

I went through four weeks of mental anguish and heartache and concluded she probably didn't like me anymore.

Last night she says she's going back to see her friends from out of state. Unless I don't want her to go. I told her that I would never stop her from spending time with her friends.

Apparently my disposition changed when she asked if I cared. Obviously I don't know why she'd been acting different.

We got to talking and I revealed my concerns. She brushed them off as silly but that it upset her I thought that. She said she felt she couldn't get away from me in this new apartment. Everywhere she went, there I was. No escape. And that's made her more irritable, and act like she wants me to go away all the time.

She also said she wasn't going to go visit her friends now, because I'd mope around the whole time she was gone. Which isn't true. I tend to keep myself pretty busy.

The problem is I can't help shaking the feeling that she's just not that into me anymore. Am I off base? What should I do?


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  • Hm. Well I suggest that if she just wants a little space, give her a little space! Haha, just ignore her (not completely) enough that she can think and get over whatever her problem is. I garuntee she will forget it and then go back to the way things were before that little trip. She said she still likes you, so you have nothing to worry about! Just time and space is all you guys need :-) hope this helps! Answer mine please? :D


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