Which european country is the best for a young single Asian guy to live in? which countries have oil? which are fond of Asians more?



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  • -Denmark

    Have lots of oil- Norway

    • which women are prettier? iyo? was debating about this earlier haha

    • I haven't met a Danish or Norwegian girl. I've only met a Swedish girl and she's gorgeous, Norway is next to Sweden so maybe Norway haha..

    • lolol makes sense

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  • Probably UK. It's the most diverse of all European countries, especially London. I'm not sure about oil though. Germany is pretty diverse too by the way but you gotta know German.

    • i heard the germans are pretty racist. i hear it from middle easterns that live there that come to my city as well

    • Out of all the minorities, Asians are least likely to be discriminated in European countries and also America. While Middle Easterners are most likely to be discriminated.

    • so they like us there? good to know