How to find a girl to marry?

I'm just tired of being with girls not my kind


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  • Go to church or join a cult where they'll pick a bride for you.


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  • Waiit a minute.
    Shouldn't there be steps to it first?
    Lover ( maybe friends)
    Desperately in love

    How come you're jumping ALL the way to the final stage already lol?

    • Yea you're right
      So I update my question: How can I find a stranger girl of my kind to be acquaintance and after all get married?
      The point is I don't know where is the best place to find her, and what should I first start to talking about!

    • Marriage agency is your best bet really.

  • Many shitty first dates? After meeting several women you learn a bit yourself, what you want, what to look for, and a few more cules to how to find it. Treasure isn't easy to find.

    • You know, I'm really tired of lookin up to find my really kind (what u call treasure), so I'm satisfied with a normal one. Important for me to live with love

  • Watch Borat, it's a how-to.

  • Ask your parents, friends to search one for u.. The right one... Or give ad on newspaper, or go to wedding agencies...

    • Thank's for helpin
      I'm gonna marry oversea, so what is your advise about starting with the best way?

    • Contact the wedding agencies which have overseas proposals..

    • Can I find some kind of treasure in these agencies? What conditions do they have to marry? Can you introduce me by link a good wedding agency?

  • That's a lost cause, bro. If you want to try, you have to date a ton of bitches before you find one, but they don't stick around.

    • But I really don't have such a time to waste to dating many bitches! I really wanna find a normal one. I'm not going to be fucked!

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    • Is there still anyone believe in love not just money? Or I'm just hammering on the stone!

    • Bro, unless you want a God loving girl, ain't a lot to choose from. Have some fun with hoes, don't get crazy with hope, maybe you'll find a bitch you can settle with. Don't go round praying for magic pussy, keep it real.