Why do we feel scared to love again once we lost our loveones?

I am a widow of 8 years now! Iam 35 years old today February 19. I am 27 when my husband die. I have son 13 years old! The sudden death of my husband makes me feel not to love anymore because as we all know that its difficult to recover when we lose the one we love. After 2 years i met one guy.. we dated and our relationship last for 6 yrs! But i broke up last dec 2013 bcs he cheated me while i am working overseas. We love each other but his lies forces me to leave. Now im having again a relationship but again he cheated me..:(
All i wanted is they must be always honest with me.. As i do to them. I am always honest person but why i can't find a guy who is honest too with me? :( i feel sad always... :(


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  • When you lose someone to a death it's hard to date/ meet anyone new
    cause it's hard to replace someone that you truly loved all your life
    the new person will never take the place of the one you loss due to death
    Similar thing happened when my first girlfriend (ex) broke up with me
    no matter what i did and try talking to other women no one could replace her
    but you know it took lot to get over her but i managed to move on hard to do
    and I'm living proof that you can let go of a ex love and move on but i'm
    sorry for your loss and sorry about your misfortune it's not easy :/

    • Yes ur right! No one can replace my husbands love! Even i talk to guys i still can't forget him! Its not easy to move on too but i will try.. Thanks for sharing :)

    • You're welcome :)

  • Love will find a way, just give it time. Till then you'll keep going round and round.


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