Do men who put aside love so they can focus on school do well in their thirties after graduation with younger women? say 23-28?

i ask because i messed around in my adolescence but found a new passion for school. planning on becoming an engineer for a 6 figure salary, but ill be in my mid 30s. date now or later? my status would be higher in a few years... but i m doing ok now too.

i m a very calculative pre planning individual...


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  • I don’t think it'll help you become more interesting as a person but will you be more... desireable in terms of a cost-return analysis to women when they determine who to commit to?
    Just a helluva strange profession to pursue if your goal is to “get girls” that's all.

    • no not get girls, i wanna have the traditional family but its important to me i date women in their 20s. i dont wanna be perceived "old" by the majority of interesting girls in their mid 20s.

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    • like you mean i can only date one girl? when i m 35?

    • Yep.
      35 30 ... by then people are already married and have 2 kids , if that's what you planning and starting that's a helluva programme to squeeze

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  • Many girls I went to school with are currently dating successful guys in their late 20s and early 30s.

    • u see, early 30s is still considered young but mid 30s sounds much older although its only a few years older...

    • I know a few gorgeous girls in their early 20s with guys in their late 30s- early 40s as well. Not a lot, but a few.

    • thats good to hear, i m surrounded by women my age who are very insecure about their age (deep inside of course)... doctors urging them to have a child... all that... makes me wonder too lol thanks.

  • In college I studied AND I had girlfriends.

    • when i was fighting a lot in college (with my gf), and yes i still went, i did terrible... engineering program is much ore demanding than other programs I've taken

    • Do you really think medical students going for specialized MD don't eff around? ;-)