Girls, would you marry a broke guy?

Would you marry a guy who's parents have money but he hasn't quite made any of his own yet. He is working on getting there but for the last few years his financial situation seems to be getting worse. You on the other hand have a budding career.


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  • Interesting question, i was reading opinions then wanted to give my two cents.

    There's no perfect guy (as there's no perfect girl) There are some things that you can live without and some things that are important.

    for instance let's say you found someone that cares about you, he won't cheat you but he has no money. Would you let him go? If you don't, is he at least someone that tries and gives his best effort? Its not the same a poor but hardworker or a poor and lazy. Let's say you want to be with him and he doesn't have money, who would provide the money? are you willing to? could you?

    When you find something that you don't like you have to think if you can live with it, if you do then you both won't suffer. If you can't live with that defect, you have to let him go. If he's real good and want to let him go you need to think twice and choose.

    Money is not everything (you need compatible personalities, someone that treat you right, sexually compatible, without mental illness or addictions, etc), but we don't feed by photosynthesis and there are bills to pay

    • I really like him and he has many of the qualities I'm looking for. It's just that his work situation is really bad. He has a good education but doesn't want to work in that field because it's not his passion and studied something he never liked. He's been moving from one type of work to another but hasn't quite done well in any. This concerns me because it shows lack of focus and is getting me to wonder if it should be a deal breaker.

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    • There's also another guy who's been pursuing me but haven't given him much attention because he's not really my type and I'm not attracted to him one bit. Although work wise he's doing very well and is likely to make it real big one day. Could this guy be a better option?

    • Well, wearing the pants isn't just providing. Is taking responsibility and execute the plans. Is who do sfuff, make choices (obviously not a dictator but who has the initiative)

      Maybe you're dealing between what we have learned in society and what you feel. Replace what we've learned with what you think, analyse and choose.

      by the way, is he unstable in something else or just work? It might be more serious and deeper. Is he depressed? Depression has treatment and a cure

      Finally, if you have trust, communication, and work to make it happen you'll be fine. The problem is if he doesn't try or if you don't talk about it.

      Oh, and an extra idea, you don't have to choose between them, there's a third option, live by yourself and find something more compatible and who takes your breathe away. It's very difficult to find them, some never find them or some find them twice or three times, but when you do, you'll know. I searched for 14 years and finally found her

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  • Likely not. Coming from a poor background with a lazy father I have a very very strong drive for ambition and success. I want a partner who is the same and who also worked hard. I'm not studying my ass off at university for nothing and I want a partner who is doing the same and has the same goals. I really don't fall for the idea that people just magically land up in bad financial situations. It's usually the result of really poor life choices and I'm not going through that again considering as to how I spent my childhood worrying about money.

  • It all depends on what your beliefs are. Are you for traditional roles? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Maybe in between? If you believe the man should be the breadwinner then this is not the guy for you. There's a rise in stay at home dads in today's society so the traditional gender roles are being reversed. If this had to be the case in your relationship, would you be okay with this? My best friend has a bachelors degree and had a professional job in the science industry. Her husband is a laborer who sometimes doesn't have a stable work flow. She went through periods of doubt but in the end, she realized she loved him too much and was willing to be the breadwinner of the house if she needed to. She is more of a feminist I would say because she is against some of the traditional roles in the household duties even.

    • I believe the man should be the bread winner. I think my belief is also because of how I was brought up and that's how my social circles are all like. The only think is there are so many good qualities about this man but he just doesn't have money.

  • Money isn't the answer to everything... My partner isn't full of cash, but I love him no matter what. If he lived in the gutter, I would stick by him and still love him. Love is more important than money

  • Nope. I want someone in my own league

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