I'm not patient, help.

My boyfriend has an engagement ring... I know this.. also after our anniversary one of my friends told me he was going to propose but changed his mind because I had seemed a bit naggy about it lately and didn't want to feel pressured into it... (jerk move right? telling me he was going to in the first place when he obviously hadn't...)

So now the Boyfriend is telling me the more I bring it up.. the further back it gets...

I'm still really hurt by the "friend" of ours who felt it necessary to tell me that I'm not engaged of my own fault the morning after he was supposedly going to pop the question... so I've been trying to talk that out and not make myself feel worse...

On top of I've NEVER been a patient person.. I don't mean to be annoying about it.. but I'm impatient, naturally antsy, and easily over excited about things and now he's telling me I have to not be myself in order for him to feel good about popping the question.. On one hand I understand his request... on the other, it's frustrating because he knows what I am like and he knows that these aren't habits that I can just up and change...

So help... what can I do to get this off my mind? I love him, and I want to be less annoying.. but this just isn't who I am.. how do I change this?


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  • What do you think you could do to change this?

    • Commit suicide..

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    • ... I wouldn't say that I am legally unstable... But honestly.. I have an anxiety issue and a mental "disability" that allows me to obsess over things to the point where I don't eat because I'm too busy thinking.. My only other serious option would be to medicate, and I can't afford the pills.

    • Well just do whatever feels least bad. Walks outside are good, or snuggling up in bed. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

  • on one hand it's wrong for him to go "you brought it on yourself" but on the other it's kind of alarming to some guys if you're like "MARRY ME ALREADY!" I'd say dial it back and if you start getting frustrated then remind yourself that it's not easy on the guy either.

    • It's not easy on him, but he and I were friends long before we started dating, he knew I was like this going into it... not only that but he knows how I feel about relationships and the waiting time between dating getting engaged and getting married.. he should have saw this coming a million miles away.. I just don't know what I'm suppose to do to distract myself from being myself...

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