2nd marriage: White dress, off white or something else?

If you are a widow or divorced, and you decided to get married again, what kind of dress would be appropriate? Trying to think ahead as my boyfriend and I are becoming more serious.


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  • Girl, wear whatever YOU want. It's your day with your fiancĂ©. Don't give two flying F's what anyone says. It doesn't matter and they don't get a voice. Wear what makes you feel beautiful!!! I was divorced and met and married @gray_ sailor and I wore white at both weddings.


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  • First, a little history lesson. Wedding dresses were never white until Queen Victoria married Prince Albert back in the middle of the 19th century.
    Prior to then, wedding dresses were either formal clothing that could be worn at any time, or the dress was black and therefore suitable to be buried in.
    Queen Victoria decided that she wanted to wear bright white flowing silk. Since she was queen she could do as she pleased. Ever since then we have been reenacting that ceremony.

    All the elements are there:
    - white dress
    - wedding march played to a processional for the wedding party
    - ladies in waiting (bride's maids)
    - faux military uniforms for the groom and his entourage (tuxedos)
    - tiered wedding cake
    and on and on and on...

    White for the wedding dress never symbolized to purity. White is used to indicate the solemnity of the occasion. Anybody saying otherwise is either ignorant or is a self important busybody that has identified themselves as needing to be removed from the guest list.

    Now that the history lesson is over, use your newfound knowledge to...

    Wear whatever the hell makes you happy and to hell with what anybody else thinks.

  • i would say peach or a very very very light (almost white) lavender. because the white represents purity in marriage. you are not meant to wear white unless you haven't ever been with a man in "that" way. but it is your marriage do what you think is best.

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    • If anything, white symbolized wealth. In the modern era, we just can't understand how cheap textiles have become.

      A 1000 years ago, a bolt of silk would represent the entire life's work product of a single skilled artisan. Think what that would mean in terms of wage value. Cloth was enormously expensive. Most people had only the clothes they were wearing.

      Now, imagine what white cloth requires. First there is the expense of bleaching the cloth (before there is a chemical industry to supply the bleach). Then there is the cost of cleaning the fabric. Since there were no washing machines or detergents, washing was very labor intensive. There are people who did nothing else but hand washing of fabric as paid labor.

    • Now, further imagine white silk, more expensive than cotton, wool or linen by an order of magnitude. Silk is an import from the far east (at a time of wooden sailing vessels), the other fabrics are of local manufacture. Make that silk white, and you have the most expensive fabric that can be had.

      Then, fashion a dress out of it with a long flowing train so that even more fabric is required. And special carpets (red carpets... we still have those too) have to be laid out to protect that dress.

      Finally, after all that consumed labor and material, wear the dress only once.

      There is nothing pure about any of this, It is nothing less than an ostentatious expression of raw wealth and power.

  • My wife did offwhite. It eas an August wedding.


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  • i will go with ivory color

  • Whatever dress you want. It's your day.

  • Whatever color you prefer. I'm not traditional so I'm going for black

  • I'd wear whatever I wanted. Same goes for my first wedding. I see no reason to be stuck in tradition.