Should I wait for my husband or just leave him?

He's always busy and working, he come home very late everyday and just want to sleep. he doesn't have time for me and I'm lonely most of the time, we didn't have sex for a month now but he didn't realize it because he's too busy. I'm just tired of this and want to spend more time with him but it seems like he care about his job more.


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  • Tell him what you told us
    and make sure its coming from a sincere place

    Judging by the title of your question you are ready to leave your husband for something like this?
    i think you should express yourself to him and be a little more patient, he is probably working hard for your relationship... let him know he can take a break

    • Thanks for the MHO hope your marriage is going well!
      dont give up yet! stay strong and listen to your heart, think with you head and follow your intuition

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  • after working it's obvious that you'll be tired!

  • You don't have a problem spending that hard-earned money of his though. You women...


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  • just have a conversation with him telling him how you feel about it..