Ladies could you date a guy that never wanted to get married?

And its not out of fear of commitment and loyalty just other things going on in that persons life that wouldn't be right for marriage


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  • I wouldn't care if I really loved him. Getting married just isn't for some people!

    • WHat she said ^^

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    • Oops, @mistninja314 lol my bad.

    • I've said the same thing and got MHOs for it ^^ because I don't really see the point of getting married anyway since it does nothing but cause problems. It nothing but a piece of paper right? If neither 1 of y'all has any plans on going anywhere, until death does y'all part, Why does it matter then. I say just put a ring on her finger, get a fake wedding photo, call her your WIFE and then start making babies if y'all want too LOLOL

      Now if my girl wanted to get married I'd go along with it BUT Me personally I don't want too ^^ lolol

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