How can guys tell a girl Is the serious type?

Even though he was very turned on he's much older and isn't looking for anytbing serious so he told me that im hot and amazing but that he's not looking to be serious but would still love to be friends... so how come he told me this and isn't just trying sex, does it mean he respects me or thinks I am the type to get serious? He always tells me I will get married one day.

He told me I am "very hot" he kissed me before and made out with me could not stop touching me and got a huge boner. Sober. And even after that he touches me a lot. Safe to say he's attracted to me.


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  • He wants to be friends with benefits

  • He's not attracted to you.

    • A few weeks ago he was all over me and we made out he was hard in two seconds. And he was all over me more than once and kept touching me.

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