Marriage Rate Decline?

So I recently read an article about the marriage rate and how it's at an all time low.

It's interesting to me. I wanted to get your thoughts on this. As it is pretty important if you think about it. Men are marrying less and less. And women are wanting to be more an more independent. Anyway thoughts?

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Okay agreed, it's neither men nor women but the root of the problem is that marriage is declining. Because the sexes are clashing. And it's not good. Disregard the pole. Bottom line, marriage rate decline will affect our future generations.


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  • I could go into the social engineering aspects of Orwellian population control and benevolent genocide that have led to this situation, but suffice it to say that not only western, but eastern civilization is set to loose more than half its population.

    What I'm saying is that the marriage decrease is intentional and engineered. It has worked nearly flawlessly and unnoticed since 1954 when the silent war began.

    If there was a population explosion in the early 20th century, the 21st century will see the most dramatic population implosion in the history of the world. At least half the world's current population count is set to be wiped out. In China, the numbers are even more dramatic than in the west, and they are very dramatic in the west. China's population is set to be somewhere around 4 to 5 hundred million by the end of the 21st century. That is a 2/3 decrease from current numbers.


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  • It's neither gender's fault and has nothing to do with gender.

    • The fact that the marriage rate is declining is not a good thing. Dis regard the pole. Why do you feel men aren't marrying these days?

  • Neither men nor women


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  • I see and read about it all the time. People don't date and live together long enough before getting married. Everyone is in such a rush. My wife's good friend is ready to marry her boyfriend that she met in the summer and already broke up for a month. I am sure that marriage will be successful, (yah right). I also think people aren't open and honest enough with what they want from a life partner and expect or think people will change with time, (yah right). I think a lot of couples are great together, but just not quite 100% compatible and end up marrying the wrong person. Again, be honest and get to know that person FULLY before becoming legally bonded.

  • "Bleak prospects for millions of young women that dream about a wedding day that may never come. "It's very, very depressing" ".
    That's not 1/2 as depressing as the the millions of dedicated young (and sometimes older) men's lives that have have been miserably ruined in the past, by marrying such women.
    Men are wising up. All women want a wedding. After that, too many of them want to divorce rich man (almost ASAP, or within 5-10 years), where once they wanted to stay married to such a man. A man has only a 20% chance of marrying a woman who will still love him 20 years later, and it doesn't matter how good he is, or if he's a better man than ever.
    At 4 years into a marriage, 50% of wives will be turning off the sex and showing no physical affection from there on. Maybe not even a kiss goodbye, when hubby leaves for work. Turn the head away and refuse the kiss is not uncommon.
    40% of these women will be divorcing hubby at 5 -10 years, even if they can't find a logical reason. If children are involved, that can ruin a man financially and also leave him wondering why his wife turned against him. So, it's both emotionally and financially devastating, as well as losing him a lot of contact time with his children.
    * Men love women
    * Women love children
    * Children love guinea pigs
    *The guinea pig wins, no-none loves the man, and he pays for the whole deal.

    Why are women their on worst enemies, and eventually the enemies of 80% of genuine dedicated men who marry them? Here's why. It's instinctive, and a result of evolution, and they can't change it.

    • Wow, thanks for the information. Yeah it's very corrupt almost. Seems like a great idea to close out marriage all together. Seems like there's to much room for failure. And I believe that this is why our society as a whole has declined so much in the past 30 years. It's statistically proven that children that are raised with split parents are destined to fail in life. Sometimes that's not the case but more times then not. It's sad, especial when a man really loves a woman and she basically reels him in to only spit him back out like he's a piece of meat. But thank you for the information.

  • Neither. >>>>>