What are your opinions about matrimonial websites?

Hi! My parents subscribed me on a matrimonial website. according to me, I've never liked such websites and I once subscribed in one of them and it never worked.

on top of that if I have to become premium member I had to pay some sums of money in USD. Well, my salary doesn't allow me to subscribe to premium.

I have to admit that I went through lots of troubles to find a girl by myself and I couldn't. At times, I was rejected by hundreds of girls. I would like to know what you guys and girls say about such websites whether they worked or not.

For me, when my parents told me that they set up a profile of me, I felt indifferent as I know that it will be a failure.


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  • Believe in fate. Whoever she is you'll meet her one day. Dont waste your money on dating sites

    • i'm not wasting my money. by the way, i just want to continue my way in the simple manner. the lots of troubles that i went through led me to realise that I will never be successful in any love affair.

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