Too soon to think about inviting him to a wedding?

I have been on a handful of dates with this guy while I'm in town for my sister's wedding. I'll be leaving the night after the wedding.

I had a plus one, but my boyfriend and I broke up so he's no longer coming.

We get along fabulously and I think we'd have a really good time at the wedding. He's fun, dances, etc. He's not my boyfriend. But I'd like to take him as a date or friend. I'm not worried about him being embarrassing because he doesn't drink, and likes theatre like many of the people going.

I'm mostly worried the stress of him meeting family will be unmanageable for him. My parents, sister, and her fiance know how long I've known him and the situation, but I think anyone else I'd introduce him as a friend.

Too soon? I'd normally think so, but I think it could be fun, can't shake it. (My sister doesn't care if he comes, wedding is really low key).


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  • Don't you think it would be awkward to go with your ex?

    • My ex isn't the one that would go. He was my plus one before we broke up, now I don't have one

    • Don't worry, invite him then. No big deal.

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