How do you feel about the institution of Marriage?

Is Marriage outdated in our times, or are marriage laws in need of reform? Do you think marriage is really necessary if two people cohabit and really love each other? If so, then why?

  • Marriage is still important and relevant in modern times.
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  • Marriage laws are corrupt, and in need of reform.
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  • Marriage is outdated, and cohabiting is better.
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  • Marriage laws are fair, and reform is not necessary.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Marriage has it's legal/financial/intimate benefits.
    I for one have always been a supporter of marriage no matter who is involved (male/female no animals! lulz). I plan to get married in the distant future. I personally find it a bit disappointing that many men these days don't value it anymore. With that being said folks can do what they like with their relationship, if they feel cohabiting is good enough great on them.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I 100% still believe in marriage, I wanna promise to be with my boyfriend for the rest of my life and vice versa before God and our families and friends

  • I am an upfront serial dater.

    Monogamy is not natural.
    Love is total self delusion
    The end.


What Guys Said 3

  • I think it is the people that need to reform. Now a days people hold marriage as loosely as they do an optional object , and treat it with the same value. Maybe I'm just the exception to the rule , but I have been married for nearly 18 years to the same amazing Lady.

  • Are we talking about the administrative side of marriage or the religious? I personally have no problem with either but then again each country is a separate case.

    • More of the legal and financial aspect of marriage and by extension divorce.

  • Marriage as a social construct is fine. I will not partake but I wouldn't remove it either.

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