After dating how long do you think you should get married?

I mean, getting married means register marriage in authorities.
Please do not vote if you do not want to marry, and please do not just vote randomly.
Please specify the length of time in the comment if you want.

  • 0-12 months
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  • 13-24 months
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  • 25-36 months
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  • 37+ months
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  • no idea
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And let me clarify again: here, getting married means register marriage, not engagement.
Not engagement, not proposal.


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  • Depends on age.

    If you're 18, you're probably going to date 5-7 years first.

    If you're both 34, you might do it within a year because you're hoping to have kids before that window closes. On top of that, older people with more relationship experience have a better idea of what they're looking for and need.

    The nature of the relationship matters too. You're in high school and dating, you might spend 4-5 hours a week together, by your 20's, it's not that unusual to move in together fast and spend double that daily. (not including sleep)

    • I am around 22.

    • If you just started dating, take a few years first. No reason to rush.

    • And if I start a dating around 25, do you think I should register marry when I am 28 or 29, if our relationship is good?

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  • It completely depends on the couple and their goals!

    Weddings are expensive and some couples have to take the time to save up if their parents don't cover the costs.

    Some couples may be virgins, so they obviously don't like to wait too long.

    Some couples are in long distance relationships.

    Some couples take longer than others to "know" they are with the right person.

    The BEST time to get married, is when you are both at that stage in your life where it would benefit you the most. That means being sure of that person, being on the same page about life goals, having the financial means to do so, making sure all your ducks are in a row.

  • I answered E mostly because I don't think there is a right time. I think it really depends on how old you are.
    If I began dating my man in my thirties, I could have probably done it after two years of dating.
    We got together at 22 and I think we probably won't be married a list three four or five years.

    • What do you think if I begin dating when I am between 24-26? Do you think it is good to marry between 28-30?

    • Yeah I think it's okay.

  • Okay I am old fashion believe marriage is for older people like 21+ anyways I believe in a year the boyfriend/girlfriend should have spend quite sometime around each other's families have connected and grown close and know if they want to be with that person forever...

  • For me probably about 3 years min. And 5 or 6 years max..
    If we been together 6+ years and he not talking marriage, I'm gone

  • I would I say a year to three years of dating but it all depends on you and how finances are.

    • Umm, what about a business school graduate working in financial institutions?

    • Well as long as you have a good job and money it should be fine.

  • 13 10 24 months depending how madly you are in love.
    if i had to choices i would pick 25-36 months if you want more time to love or understand each other. but marriage is nothing to rush, it takes baby steps.

  • I'm 20 so I want to wait a few years at least, but if I was in my 30s I probably wouldn't wait that long


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  • If you're smart and want to avoid divorce or a miserable marriage for the rest of your life, you'd be wise to not consider marriage until you've been in the relationship for 4 years.
    If there is no sign of trouble by then, you've almost eliminated the chances of divorce.
    50% of women will begin to resent their husband at about 4 years, and 44% of marriages end in divorce. The first thing they will do is turn off, or drastically reduce the frequency of, the sex. They don't need a reason and rarely have one, and it doesn't matter if you're a better man than ever.

    The chances of a really happy marriage , where your wife can still love you forever, are only about 20% for most men. You'll be in the top 50% of men, which means those chances increase to 40%. Still not good odds, and they will improve if you waited 10 years before signing your life away.

    It doesn't matter how much she loves you in the beginning for the first few years, or if you're still a better man than ever. It's instinctive and caused by body chemicals. She has no control on when she falls out of love, and neither do you. Here's why :

    There's nothing worse than being married to a woman you are prepared to love forever, but she has stopped loving you. Not even a kiss goodbye when you leave for work (she will turn her head away), and zero physical affection or sex. She will still expect you to stay, so she can exploit you.

  • I voted No idea. Personally I don't think there is a single woman nowadays I could trust so much.

  • It depends on the relationship. Definitely not before a year though.

    • I know it is really a case-by-case question. But what is your opinion?

    • I think you should date at lest a year and then move in, then date at lest another year and get married. At lest a few years from dating to marriage. Of course it depends on the people.

  • My Dad, who is a Baptist preacher, says that one should wait for about one year, give or take a few months.

  • I voted a period that is different to my actual belief, just to skew your results.


    • What is your actual belief?

    • That nobody should ever marry, it never lasts and just traps you being in a. failing relationship for longer than necessary so fuck it. Luckily My wife is tolerable and I still fuck other women so Im an exception to the rule