My parents been married for 30 years and still fight like hell?

I'm 23 single and a student.

my parents fight like hell alll the time, for some reason uptill now I can't take it anymore my self esteem has dropped zero....

my dad is the worst he abused ( physically and emotionally) my mom all the time and screamed and yelled and sweared all the time even at me and my two older siblings...

he was never happy towards his wife and kids....he would always threat my mom that he would return to his mother and his sibling...

but they had the worst fight ever he tried to hit me and my mom its so bad that my mom got shocked when he threatened for a divorce.....

now this whole thing blows my confidence towards life and the way I look ( self image issues)

I want to leave them but I can't bear to leave my mom behind...nor I have a proper education to support myself.....


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  • I'm so sorry, sweetie, that you are another statistic of a a family member who is involved in Family feuds With------My parents fight all the time... welcome to my own world here, dear...
    My parents have been fist fighting and verbally lashing and thrashing ever since I can remember. I have been told many sad stories that First began when they were dating and even broke up over something probably silly while tying one on, ending up separating for 7 weeks. Then my mom while they were apart, found out she was pregnant for me and her bestie told her she Had to let my dad know so he would 'Know'-----He was going to be a father. My dad was so happy he raced to mom's side and cried like a baby himself the day I was born.
    And even when my two other siblings were born, they would continue Fighting from everything from soup to nuts, mentioning divorce but of course... they stuck it out because both of them love one another, bottom buck line and now... Time out.
    It sounds to me like dad is in this rut in his life. Many men go through this 'Change of life' in their lives where the responsibility, the caring of wife and kids gets to be too much and everything under the sun just begins its beguine to escalate.
    My parents even had problems with mom feeling my middle sister was favored more than me and my sister. Things of this nature can be thrown in the ring and... you end up to be the monkey in the middle every time.
    mom could leave and go some place else if she really wanted to, believe me. There are houses for Domestic Abuse out there and if she would get so fed up, she could go tomorrow... apparently she chooses not to.
    If you feel it is best, then make your arrangements. You need to start to think of You now for life is just passing you by. Mom has put up with the locking of horns and lip locking also in the end and will most likely do it until she is old and gray.
    I feel with two to tango it might help them better than with a fifth wheel deal, which is you.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Yes i knew a family argued and fought for years and they been married
    a good many years , i can't see how marriages last as long as they do
    my parents had a horrible marriage until they separated in 1990 they
    were married for 26 years and finally divorced in 1994 .

  • Super helpful.


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