Earle signs of future abuse or exaggerating?

My husband and I have been together for about 18 months and he has always been a very sweet man, in the past few months some details have felt weird..
For example,
1. He is very ticklish, when we are cuddling in bed sometimes I tickle him a little bit. Most of the times he just laughs and we go back to cuddling, but a couple times he grabs a pillow and (as a friendly pillow fight) he hits me once with it in the face, but he uses an excessive amount of force. It does not really hurt me but it is painful. I have told him it hurts but he never seems to care and says I overreact.
2. We don't really fight, we have had a couple differences in the past like any other couple in the world, but when he is angry he gives me a very angry look and give me the silence treatment for days, until one day he just acts like nothing ever happened.

3. This past weekend I was feeling very tired and fell asleep in the afternoon, he wanted to take his mother out to dinner, when I woke up at night, he was very mad at me for falling asleep and him having to cancel dinner on his mother. But he did not try to wake me up or even walked into our room, he was playing videogames in the living room. He blamed me for having to cancel his plans and said he could not go by himself because it was raining and he does not have a driver's license to take my car. He blamed me for making him look like a piece of sh** in front of his mother.
4. This is my red flag, the following day to his mother's cancelled dinner we had been invited to my friend's birthday dinner, we were babysitting for his son and he could not make any arrangements for someone to look after the boy so he could not attend, I got ready and went to the dinner. When I came back home he was sleeping in the couch and I went to bed. The next morning I saw he had hit and kicked the wall outside our bedroom making a huge hole in it.

Am I overreacting or are these early signs of possible abuse in the future??


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  • He's not very good at communicating his emotions or accepting your emotions either. These are definitely warning signs... it'll get worse I'm afraid.

  • Those all seem very strange. I think you should wait it out and try to talk to him. Talking about problems can be very awkward but can also help. Just show him from your point of view how these things look and why he wouldn't awake you from a nap or why he damaged the wall.


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