I'm tired of being stuck in this relationship?

I have a really bad marriage. Its been 12 years, there's no love left, respect, he doesn't support anything I want, he's a narcissist, irresponsible, cold hearted person. I have no personal life, I have no friends, if I want sibling time, church, charity events he makes fun of me or try to talk me down. I have horrible self esteem. All I do is work. Have brought this to his attention but he always makes me feel guilty about EVERYTHING! If I would like to go out shopping he refuses to watch the kids (they always give me a hard time) while he sits at home w his friends or the ps3. If I go out to a kids party he gives me a curfew...2 hours max. I have mentioned counseling, divorce but NOTHING works!! I go to family parties without him, having to deal with crying kids. I look like a depressed single parent!! Wtf!! How do I stand up for myself? I don't know how, I have never been taught how to make myself be respected, how to put myself first, how to not give him so much control. Any strong people who have over come this?


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  • I mean you just.. do. He's the run of the mill "selfish dude"? It's classi and textbook on every level. :/ One day you will get over the thrill of being abused and you'll just.. get tired of him. His time of "power" is severyly limited... he'll get boring abd predictable after a while and you'll need and even DEMAND someone more.. EXCITING!! :D and less predictiable.. ya know? Controlling and self centered bastards just get so mundane and boring after a while.. and that is where real men come in...

    • I'm scared that I'll never meet a real man or mighty overlook him by being too scarred from this guy.

    • Nope. I promise you... once the inevitable tiredness of the "abuser" sets in... you'll just yawn and move on. Then a real man, one who knows how to treat a lady like yourself, will overwhelm you with butterflies in your tummy :D and that old, "guy" lmao... or whatever you want to call him/it? .. will seem faded and a waste of time. Hang in there !

    • There's a big different between a real man and an insecure bitch... the latter is like a joke when you wake a up realize the reality of the situation :[

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  • Sounds like you will need counseling and a lot of support to make a break. You can do it, but it will take time, effort and courage to redefine your life. Many, many, many others have done it. You can do it too!


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