Me and my husband can't agree in our baby's name?

OK our baby is 9 months now and we agreed on her first and last name already but we can't agree on her middle name. He doesn't want her to have a middle name (since he doesn't have one) but I have one and I like names with middle names it sounds more beautiful and lively so I want her middle name to be "Ann" but he said no middle names. We can't agree on this what should I do now?


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  • Just consider the initials. Don't stick her with D. O, G. Or JUG or DIK

    Get my meaning hear? My first one a initials are her name the second one is just pretty. The third one who cares anymore...

    • Her initial will be I. K without middle name and I. A. K if we agree her middle name to be Ann

    • Lol "third one who cares anymore". She's our first daughter by the way :)

    • Just talk to him about girls and monograms he'll get it. Just don't do D middle name. I don't know...

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  • Just give a middle initial. My father and uncles only have initials.

    • He said straight up no middle name or initial whatsoever. Just two words: First and last name :/

    • Then I think you're stuck.

    • but why dont he listen to me? why do I have to listen to him? I born the baby...

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