Guys, what would you do if your partner/girlfriend proposed to you?

It's always been the man to propose to the women. I know what a women would feel like of course but what if it was the other way around? And also state why you don't think this happens in today's society.

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  • I'd love it.
    Part of me would be disappointed as I wouldn't be able to come up with some dream proposal for her which would suck but I would like that she took the initiative herself and clearly wanted to marry me.
    I'd be shocked initially (like girls always are) but would just answer the question (hopefully with a yes).

    I think it doesn't happen because of tradition. Many girls here ask questions about how to not look too 'clingy' or desperate. Far moreso than guys. Most guys seem a lot more comfortable being the 'pursuers' and girls seem more comfortable being the 'pursued' (figuratively speaking lol). Most girls who have to take the initiative seem to be struggling with the idea of looking desperate or not making him 'work for it', while some guys who are on the receiving end sometimes feel like she doesn't think he's 'man enough' to do it.

    Really though, if you're both secure people who love each other, it doesn't really matter imho.


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  • If I wanted to marry her before she proposed, I probably would say yes. I would like to propose to her though preferably.

  • I'll give her a deep kiss and tell her I'd love to but she shouldn't be stealing my lines. Then find a romantic way to propose to her the way it's supposed to be.

  • If she felt it, of course I would like her to propose to me