Is this considered a fair compromise to ask when talking about our future together with my partner?

My partner and I have been dating for a little over 2 years, and I know his opinion on marriage, which is that he doesn't want to remarry (been married once before). I've grown up thinking I should and have been swept away by the feelings that I thought would only eventuate after marriage, so I have had hopes in the beginning of maybe one day getting married. However, I know what his stance is and we've had open discussions about it, and he's stated that he loves me very much, but if marriage is what's important to me, then I need to find someone else who wants that, as much as it would hurt him to let me go. I value the relationship we have more over marriage, as much as I'd ideally like both. It's made me do a lot of thinking within myself, and ask why marriage has been something I've wanted. The answer is that I've associated it wven the feeling of emotional security and being loved to the end of the earth. But I've realised I already have that. The other reason is that I've always dreamed of wearing a wedding gown and a diamond ring and having beatiful photos of us on that day.
I am willing to accept that we will never get married, however that small part of me would still love to wear a stunning gown and wear a ring that I can wear forever, and hang photographs on the wall of us in that attire.
Should I bother asking him if he would be willling to have a commitment ceremony or something similar and allowing me to live out my desire? There would be no marriage contract, just memories made. I am a shy person, and usually don't express my views if they are not in another person's favour. Note: we do talk about issues when they are conflicting, but in situations where it's hard to explain my opinions as they are misunderstood, I often just keep quiet. I would love to talk to him about this, though.


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  • He's clearly stated he doesn't want to remarry so...

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