Is he hinting he wants an affair?

I'm unhappily married, thinking of separation. My male friend, let's call him G, is in the same situation. We get along very well. I am attracted to him. It's been platonic for a year but recently when we met I went to hug him and he grabbed me, squeezed me tight and rubbed my back quite hard. Then we were talking about our partners. He said he's thinking of moving out and leaving her with everything. I told him that my husband has no sex drive which makes me really sad. He said have you ever thought about an affair? I said no because I'm scaredof falling in love. He said I have thought about an affair but I tend to blurt out the truth so would get into trouble. I changed the subject as it was making me uncomfortable but he kept bringing it back to affairs. He said, have you always been loyal? I said yes I'm a one-man woman. He said I need to think about my alternatives. Such as leaving or meeting someone else. When the walk ended we chatted for a while then he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Then he said I hope I don't smell, I've not had a shower! I said no you don't! He is a very shy man so this conversation was unusually personal for us. Since then, he has been quite distant but I asked him to meet next week. Do you think he was concerned for me as a friend or was he hinting that he wanted an affair? I just can't work him out! I can't decide if he seesme as a friend or something more. Advice needed please! Should I say something to him?


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  • He finds you attractive. I might be wrong, but seems like it. You should confront him about it, and if he confesses, its upto you to whether take it further or stop it right there.
    Being a Shy guy, I will suggest you to ask him, or he will never tell you anytime soon.


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