How approach to this girl in our university and don't make it awkward for asking her hand for marriage even you know that she has illness?

In first step I didn't have any intention to find a partner for my life. I looked for bussiness partner in our class and suddenly I find her. She is one of elite members of class. I checked background of all of people in our class and I choosed her to work together and she accepted to be part of my team ( I find her in library alone and told her, culture diffrence is making harder to talk in person, we are living in islamic nation ). we are doing this in secret so other people doesn't know anything about our activities.
I organazied online study group from different universities and worked on same project, she is excellent at all of subjects. She isn't shy person but She dont talk to anybody but only ask me her questions.

I never guessed that she could be that human that I wanted to be my wife.

+ This maybe creep you out but I know her from top to her bottom, even I know her medical history but she never talked about it to anyone and no one notice it (I'm medical student).

- I don't want to ask her hand right now so I just want to refresh my mind and think twice again, I dont know maybe tell her about my feeling about 1 or 2 years later, I dont know its good Idea or not.
- She has some friends that approaching to her in class is harder than you people think (culture difference) even saying Hi in person is hard task.
- She lives in different states
- She had boyfriend before and I know that she isn't virgin anymore (in our culture she must be virgin but I dont care, I dont know her boyfriend dump her because of her illness or not)
- Many people in our class asked her before but she reject them all

I don't want to show myself a - needy person - and - low self esteem - and telling about my felling online is out of question so, How do you approach to this human?

if she say yes or no about marriage, how to tell her I dont have problem with her stage?


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  • I'm confused - what are you asking?

    • So you are muslim, Good
      I want propose marriage to this girl, but before that I want to know her more and don't want to draw attention.

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