Why would a guy wait 8 years or more to get married?

I've been with my boyfriend 8 years this coming July. We've only briefly talked about getting married. He says he doesn't see the sense in it. If we are going to live like a married couple, why not get married?


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  • I agree with kimberlyinspired. I want to make sure that my girl is happy, and not have to worry about money. He also probably trying to save up on your dream wedding. I ask my girl a lot, what does she want for a wedding. If we get married that is. I want to make sure that it is almost everything, or is everything that she dreamed for. Also, everything after that. Honeymoon, house, payments, etc. I hope this helps.

    • Thanks! I'm saving my money for retirement, while he saves money for my ring. He promised me a $5,000. I'm holding him to it.

    • Damn, 5k. Well for both of your retirement open a account. Put a bit in there and watch it grow. With what I put in. I think ill get over 1 mil before I retire, if I don't touch it.

    • Has he asked?

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  • Maybe he can't commit, or scared to be tied down to only one girl.

    But then again it could be.

    That he is not ready for marriage financially. Guys want to be able to support their woman and themselves. He has to commit to living with someone everyday, no privacy, and enough money for themselves to have fun with, and not worry about bills and mortgage.

  • Well, I personally don't want to get married because I don't understand its importance - why do I need a piece of paper to prove my love to my significant other? Thankfully he feels the same way - his reasons about the same, but also that he's seen just about every married couple he knows relationship fall apart and so in his mind, marriage equals the end of love.

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