How to handle a mixed Marriage ?

I've known this guy for a while. let's just say we clicked . So we're considering marriage. the thing is ... we live a part and we're from very different backgrounds . He's from Asian but live in London ans I'm from north Africa.
even if we settle down, we'll have to do it in London. I'm jus very confused and I don't know what to do . how to plan a wedding, a life , meeting with my parents , with his parents ... how far I can adapt to his lifestyle and his customs ... still we share religious beliefs.

I really need some advice .
thank you


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  • He'll show you the way and help you along. You'll get used to his customs and he should--if he cares about you--get used to yours.

    If it would make you more comfortable, perhaps you both can do each other's marriage customs.

    • I sure hope so... but he's always busy with work and he barely makes time for himself and when he does it's for me.

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    • sounds like a good idea thank you ^^

    • You're welcome!

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  • If you two share the religion then everything else would be easy.

    • I know that's making things a little easier but everything else looks complicated...

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  • It would probably be best to have foods from both cultures at the wedding. You could even have two weddings.

    • that will overthrow the wedding budget xD

    • True._. I'm sorry, not my best idea ^^ Honestly, I'd go with the wedding style of your particular religion.

    • No it makes perfect sense ! but which one will be the more expensive I wonder xD