Is it ok if your husband doesn't love your body?

If your husband doesn't like your body, is it possible the marriage can still work out? Like if he's infatuated with a body type different from yours. We go places and he sees a woman with a nice body that I can agree with is nice too but he brings out a lot that's what he's attracted to & he thinks I'm beautiful but I don't look like the women he's naturally attracted to. Is this a big deal?

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  • If you're even asking this question, he's not doing enough to make you feel differently in my opinion.

    All of those times he's checking out other women who have bodies he likes, he could be complimenting yours so that you're not on this site asking questions like these.

    I'm not trying to be rude but you need to be honest with him about how it makes you feel and how you feel and ask him to do more to make you feel better and you need to work on yourself and feel better about yourself as well, it will make your relationship better for both of you.


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  • Not a big deal unless he constantly checks other women out in front you.

    Men have their fantasies.
    But real men know that not all women suit their sexually fantasy.
    They learn to love the woman because she has other great attributes.
    Physical looks become less of a big deal.
    It's only a bonus if she has that too

    • *sexual fantasy

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    • I agree I feel that a man should make his woman feel like the only girl in the world. While we know this isn't true, I want to feel special when I'm with him at least

    • I couldn't tolerate that. I'd leave him. It had nothing to do with jealousy it's a respect issue.

  • It is natural for him to have a certain type, but he married out of it. He shouldn't be looking at other women when he is with you. He married you. It will affect your marriage, because you can eventually begin to doubt yourself, and whether he is going to be unfaithful, because your body type isn't his type.

  • he shouldn't have married me if I wasn't his preference. im not gonna be with a guy and be feeling insecure about myself because both of us know that I am not his preference. this is why I do not date men if I find out that I do not embody their physical preference. you're not gonna be with me because you're settling and can't get the woman u really want. our relationship would eventually dissolve anyway because he's gonna cheat eventually if he hadn't already

  • I think it's normal. I've never been the type of a person I've dated and that's fine. I know I'm not their ideal, but I've never really been anyone's ideal.
    I know I'm no VS model, I know there are about a 10000000000 more attractive women than me. And I'm really fine with that, it's completely okay with me.

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