Girls, would you leave or stay if you found that your husband has a mistress?

Not talking about relatinships its about marriage about your family with your husband (or future husband). He loves you a lot and don't care about his mistress a lot just for his freetime something like a bonus. Also he use protections and safeties.
do you love her husband and kids enough to save your marriage or you will leave him?
I want to be a family man in future but also want to have a mistress too. So what would you do?

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  • I would pack my bags and leave. I'll take my kids with me

    • What about a second chance? if he leaves his mistress.

    • If he leaves his mistress and promise to never cheat on me again then, yes, I'll give him a second chance. For the sake of my kids, cause I want my children to have a happy childhood memories of Mum and Dad together... No kids want to see their parents get divorced.

    • Thank you.. :-)

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  • I know many women stay because they've been with their husbands for so long, but I would leave.

    Why get into a monogamous relationship if you're not going to be monogamous?

    • Its a monogamous marriage he just has something out there like some hobby but you are his family.

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    • Its not just about Islam polygamy only works in the way that allows men to have multiple women if women were allowed it was against honor.

    • Lol. I still see it as unfair. I'm not part of the culture though so that is why I probably see it as such. I would think it's dishonorable for anyone to have more than one wife if their partner wasn't allowed to.

  • Beat both they asses... Then calmly leave :)

    • Why women don't respect their marriage anymore?

    • I'm not going to try to work itt ot if he steps out on me. I said that I dont believe in divorce, but thats only if we're having problems between the two of us. If he brings a third person into this, we're finished

  • I'd leave. or if we had kids maybe live as roommates in separate rooms until the kids turned 18, then kick him out.

    • Women these days have hearts of stone.

  • You shouldn't be asking if a woman loves her husband and children enough to save your marriage, you should be asking why you don't love your wife and children enough to save your own marriage.

  • He'd be lucky if the only thing I did was leave him.

    • Wow you are so serious girl! your future husband should care a lot.

  • "do you love your husband and kids enough to save your marriage" haha you're just too funny

  • "a bonus"? I wouldn't want my kids around a horrible man like that. Anyone who can't respect the sanctity of marriage does NOT deserve a loyal and loving wife.

    "SAVE" the marriage? I shouldn't HAVE to save the marriage!! That's absolute garbage. So disrespectful.

    • WHY do you want to have a mistress? Is your wife not good enough?

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    • I want to have one too, but I will never let the mistress to break our family apart.

    • You're still committing adultery though? The fact that you even want a mistress if you have a loving wife is beyond screwed up already