Is society just as well off if people have priorities other than marriage and children?

How do you feel about marriage and it's effect on society? Do you think marriage is an important part of our society and the family. Do you think we are better off without marriage?

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  • We are just as well off without marriage and children
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  • A society with people getting married regularly is very important
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  • I view marriage just as a piece of paper and a ring and nothing more. It's not my thing but everyone is different. I believe it's still a big part of our society. Marriage does not mean a strong family unit, doesn't mean happiness. You can still be a "single" parent and be married. I think society would be much better if people put their all into bettering this world then trying to find a an easy hookup or spouse. Make the world a better place then settle down

    • You can't make the world a better place if you are married? Interesting. Marriage to me is a covenant between two people and the Lord almighty god.

    • You can make the world a better place while married but once you get married and start a family you have less time to do things you are passionate for and it becomes harder. Your spouse, children, work, bills, family time etc all come before anything else.

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What Girls Said 2

  • It doesn't matter to me either way, people need to do what makes them happy, it's their life. I do think it's sad to see so many girls/women put so much emphasis on being married and having children over being happy with themselves first, I can't help but think some of them just do it because they think they're supposed to or that it defines them.

    • No... It couldn't be because they love them the world over and want to be yolked together forever in the eyes of the Lord. It couldn't be that. Married people all are searching for identity Lol.

    • You're right, I obviously meant EVERYONE and I didn't use words like "so many" and "some". I'm just saying someone women need to get their own lives before they get married and have kids, it's good for themselves, good for their marriage and good for their children if they plan on having all of that.

  • marriage is not necessary no, but its important for children to grow up with their mom and dad together as rare as it is. Good co parenting is a best 2nd option. If ya don't ever want kids that's OK too.

    • So you think that a couple not being married but together is the most positive environment and example for a child.

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    • Broken families result in broken children. The ripples of the decisions we make last forever. We owe it to our children to do things the right way. Not the new age yolo way...

What Guys Said 2

  • I think kids need stability and marriage does provide that. Kids are the future so yeah, I think that marriage (or at least the stability that it brings) is good for society.

    No one has a responsibility to have kids or get married though. I just think it's important that the option is available and those who choose to have kids and raise them well should be supported in my opinion.

  • As long as children are cared for and nurtured in some way, marriage is an individual choice.