Proposing marriage via social media, what's the point?

I was watching the voice tonight and one of the constestants said he's been getting marriage proposals, from girls since he's been on the show. I said to my mom "why would anyone do that? I mean how stupid is that. And, what would they do if the person said yes?" I know a lot of people do stuff like that with their favorite celebrities and stuff. I personally, don't really get the point in it. So, I have four questions.

1) Have you ever proposed to a celebrity or someone you were crushing on via social media?
2) If you haven't, would you or have you ever been tempted to?
3) Why do people who like a famous person or a crush, do that? Like what's the reason or thought behind that?
4) What do you think the person who asked would do, if the person they asked said "yes"? lol.

Bonus question: What do you think the thought is when someone decides to date/marry someone in prison? There are a lot prison groupies out there, just waiting to correspond with a serial killer. So, what's the mentality behind that?


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  • 1) Nope.
    2) Nope. I might propose to a celebrity I like as a joke but I wouldn't propose to a crush because that's different. I might blow my chances with the person I have a crush on or feel really embarrassed.
    3) They are either joking or are crazy. Plenty of women (well not plenty but enough to make it weird) fall in love with serial killers so a singer doesn't seem too far of a stretch.
    4) They would either go "YAY, I'm getting married! jk lol" or something or show how crazy they are by actually believing it.

    Maybe it's because of some "bad boy" preference taken to an extreme. 'Normal' people wanting to feel dangerous and exotic by being with someone who is clearly evil.

    • Thank you, for answering all my questions.

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    • Thanks. :)
      I'm actually in work now but the question was interesting so I went through each one. I agree with you by the way. People become really weird on social media (and those who were already weird become certifiably insane).

    • You're welcome : ) And, haha. I suppose they do.

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  • A marriage proposal (or any type of asking out someone ), over cyberspace, is corny and lame.

    The guy is being a pansy trying to make the possibility of rejection easier.


    The boldness and emotionally vulnerable position a man puts himself in... is what makes a marriage proposal special.

    Doing ia marriage proposal over cyberspace is not bold nor emotionally vulnerable... thus not special. What a waste of a potentially special moment.

  • It makes rejecting not seem as bad if it happens I don't know i don't get the point either.

  • its the 21st century. if it works, it works..


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  • It is stupid. Thank god I haven't experienced that

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