All my religious women, would you save yourself for marriage and men would you prefer a woman willing to save herself and wait?

I didn't save myself for marriage...but I do believe had I waited six more months I would have at least saved myself for the man I am planning to marry now. I was also never taught abstinence by mother neither through talking, example or any even real mentioning of it in general....I don't think she believed it was realistic. My man's sister just turned 26 and is abstinent and she is one of the most amazing people I know. She radiates self worth, self confidence and resilience and is honestly full of so much wisdom and I learned this about her very shortly after meeting her. In my opinion being abstinent is one of the things that has led her to the insights and experiences that have partially contributed to her great character. Now again I didn't save myself for marriage, so I'm not dissing anyone who hasn't, but I will say...the best people I know are close to God and waited for marriage or only had sex with one or two people prior to marriage and are so powerfully willed. I am just wondering if anyone else has waited, met similar people, felt the same way I am feeling about past boyfriends, other abstinent women and the idea of abstinence in general...would love to hear what you think!

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  • I waited until marriage. It wasn't Always a walk in the park (I was bullied endlessly for it) but I did what I thought would be right for me. My husband loved me so much and was so proud that he was more than willing to wait for me. I know it wasn't a deal breaker for him whether I was a virgin or not, but I haven't regretted my decision. I guess if you keep the number under 5 you're still good, and hey! You were only with one man prior to meeting your fiancee right? I hope you don't feel guilty sweetheart, you sound like a really good girl with good moral values, and your fiancee is Lucky to have a sweet, beautiful girl like you. Don't beat yourself up over something like that, if you do. What's most important is that you're not willing to share the most intimate part of yourself with just anyone. You have high standards to be with someone and that's already wonderful in this day and age. PM me anytime if you wanna talk or anything.

    • Aw, thank you so much! Just from reading your other comments I can see you are the same. I would love to pm you sometime and talk more. :*

    • Thank you too love :) you can pm me anytime you wish. if you need someone to listen, or give advice, or just wanna chat, I'm here :) x

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  • I think there's a certain appeal to both of them. i Voted C that's how i feel with woman that save themselves its cool because she saved herself for you and that must feel great also you get to teach her everything so that'll be fun and with the other girls they are experienced so you but know what you are doing so i don't really care.

  • No, I don't think her refusing to have sexual activity with anyone is what made her wise. She was probably smart to begin with.

  • Guys need to save themselves too, ya know.


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  • I've never really thought much about being abstinent, its just something that I've always been and have never assigned a name to. I don't have interest in marrying, and therefore, to me, I do not see a reason to date someone if it weren't ultimately going to lead elsewhere.

    I don't feel particularly "unique," nor do I feel shameful-- two extreme sides I see to the abstinence argument. It is free-will as to what you decide to do. I only hope that, with anything in life, reflective thought is committed when making choices.