My boyfriends family don't like me and they made comments about ruining my wedding I need help please?

I've been dating my bf for three years And I love him a lot he's an amazing guy
but his family are not nice people :( they have tried to break us up because they think "I've been taking him away from the family" his family have made comments about my weight during dinner saying I'm too skinny, if I see his cousins or his family in public they will not say hi or they won't even look at me - it's disrespectful
his sister has told me "idc if you don't want me as a bridesmaid I'll still ruin your wedding just wait" my bf asked her about those comments and she denied it !! Like I'm under enough stress as it is
I cried to my bf this morning because I was so emotionally drained from everything
what should I do? :( :(

  • You should not have to deal with that- break up
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  • You should work things out and try to make it work
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  • My mother has a difficult relationship with my boyfriend. The truth is that I am the daughter of a narcissistic mother and she would be against any guy I date, so it's not something personal. She has made up lies about my boyfriend (that she stole from her) and tells me that he is cheating on me (which is isn't for sure). She is trying to break us up and it's very frustrating at times. But the worst for me is if my boyfriend broke up with me because of my mother. So don't break up with him. It's not his fault that his family is like that! I know it must be hard, but don't punish him for something that he has no control over.

    I didn't vote on your poll because my vote would be C: You should not have to deal with that – stay with him and forget about his family.

    I know it's easier said than done because his family will alway be a part of his life. But you'll just have to start to exclude them as much as you can. They will be furious for sure, but the more you let them take part in your life, the more they will try to sabotage things. My boyfriend and I aren't planning to get married in the near future, but we've talked about how we would even do it and honestly, I think that due to my mother, I'd marry him without any guests at all since I would not want my mother around but not inviting mum would mean I can't really invite anyone else either.

    If I were you, I'd take the boyfriend and move to the other side of the country :D I know that's not really possible (although who knows). But don't let his relatives ruin your relationship!

    • *But the worst for me WOULD BE if my boyfriend broke up with me

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  • I suppose not inviting them to the wedding is not an option. My wife didn't like my father (he was an asshole) but I rather enjoyed watching the two of them argue, and she loved it. My family wasn't marrying her, I was. Your boyfriend should tell his family to mind their own damn business. If I had to record their comments to play for him, I'd do it. But that's me.

  • Dont break up! Whatever you do, this just makes me sad cause this world is running out of love and I don't want to see more of it go, you DONT need to make his family like you, you and your boyfriend just need to learn how you and them can coexist without conflict

    • Thanks for your opinion
      I've tried everything to get them to accept me in their family it doesn't work -it's always an excuse with them

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  • Does your fiancé speak up for you?
    Why is he allowing this to continue?
    I would stay with the love of my life, but I would not surround myself in the company of his family or invite them to my wedding (if they cannot respect me).

    You don't have to like me.
    But you WILL show respect.

    • Sometimes he does defend usually he says just don't worry about it
      He doesn't want it to continue he has has spoken to his family about everything and they just tell him what he wants to hear

  • F his family, he obviously loves you enough to still date you, even if his family doesn't approve. Don't give up on him, because his family is crappy.

  • Omg, this sounds horrible! This makes me sad, I'm sorry to hear this.
    Don't break up with him! Don't let others destroy your relationship with the one YOU love.
    If I were you I'd probably try to avoid his family as much as possible. I bet your boyfriend will understand.
    Maybe not the best suggestion but I'm socially no good anyway. But do NOT break up because of this.

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