Would you hate it if your spouse has a best friend (who is the opposite gender) to which the two of them always hang out together?

And I do mean to which that person doesn't even have to knock whenever coming over to your house cause that best friend of your spouse has it's own key... Also Whenever you go out with the person your married too, your spouses best friend shows up at the place where the two of you are at.

Would you continue to let the person interfer with your marriage, or would you speak up and say, (I don't mind you being friends with my lover, but only from a distance, so you got to get your own life)

I'm especially talking to the men on this one, would you guys think it's okay for your wife to have a straight male bestfriend who hangs out everywhere she is at, but she wouldn't let you have a female best friend that hangs out everywhere you are at, (knowing that would be unfair and a double standard)

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  • No I'm sorry I wouldn't want that! I'm sure they wouldn't like that if I was best friends with their boyfriend! Showin up unannounced butt naked or something xD. It would be uncomfortable really. I trust no one.


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  • The double standard is crazy. If she doesn't trust the guy to have a female BFF what is she up to with the guy? The showing up everywhere is weird too. How does he know? There's a time and place for friends but also for couples. Everyone needs to respect those boundaries.


What Guys Said 2

  • My ex had a best friend that was a boy, he fancied her and tried to break us up but I won in the end and they aren't friends any more ( i didn't try to break their friendship he did it all on his own). My best friend at the time was a girl and my ex was very jealous of her and still is so it goes both ways. You will always be jealous whether or not there is cause to be but the challenge is to manage it.

  • I have been that guy!!!

    Out of respect for her husband I gradually broke contact.

    Yes yes. In a perfect world we should remain friends. That works in high school and maybe college but in the married world- it's a BAD idea.

    I talk to her once in a blue moon. We are still very close. But really (older GAGers back me up here) once you're busy with married life and kids, how often do you really see your friends anyway?

    Oh and I only see her when I accidentally bump into her

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