Is there anything wrong with buying a b-day card for my ex?

Yeah, her birthday is coming up, I'm not really into her anymore, just bored and really need a female friend.

She still thinks I'm into her, I tried to tell her I'm not, since her I was engaged to another girl. I've given up on trying to convince her I'm over her, let her think what she wants.

I admit I'm trying to use her to fill the void left by my ex-fiancee, I miss having a girl to talk to and tell her about my day.

So would it be awkward to get her a simple b-day card?


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  • If she thinks you're still into her, a card actually might be a little too much :ß

    Simply call her, wish for her to have a great day and hang up. Don't even talk for too long as this would continue her thoughts about you still wanting her...

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