Guys, I'm getting older, is it time to settle?

I'll be 30 in 2.5 years. I have two kids with different dads, bad I know right and not with either of the men. I'm single and work. I don't go on dates and I'm nervous to have a crush on a guy because... Well, I'm not sure exactly. A guy told me I'm closed off and that I dont let people in. I've never noticed? I've met guys that I want "more" with but they dont stay, perhaps because I am closed off and wouldn't let them in? I have a strong energy, I can feel peoples life when I stand near them and I think they feel it. I'm attractive, fun, etc. Just terrible at flattering myself. Anyway, I want to know if being thirty soon and not in a relationship with potential to settling down, is ok or not? I feel it's draining developing a relationship and a lot of work getting to know someone. It feels like more work than what its worth. Once I end up getting to know somebody, then a bull runs through a glass wall. I dont want to settle down just because it's taboo. Please, only looking for feedback about how to begin settling down, not feedback about how set I am in my ways or destined to be single.


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  • Well, you're not getting any younger, right?


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  • Ouch, with 2 kids that won't even be his, it's gonna be tough