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Help! I'm tied up planning my own wedding. My fiancé has no input on what he wants or would like to see. The only thing he has said is a round cake. I understand he works 60 hours a week, but he took last week off and didn't say one word about it.
Seriously, he didn't even leave me an exact budget. " just keep it under $xx, xxx. I guess that is a good thing. How do I get him involved in his own wedding? He acts like he wants nothing to do with it. When I asked him two weeks ago could we sit down and figure out some decor details, he said sure. That week passed and I reminded him about last week and he got all defensive. He told me he forgets a lot but just went off. Should I stop planning?


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  • How do you manage to have a wedding with a budget under 6 figures?

    • Its possible just difficult. Getting stuck on my dress. Really wish he was doing this so he knew it wasn't easy.

    • Ask hin if he still wants to get married ot not?

    • *him