How do you think I should propose to my girlfriend tonight?

I want it sexy so that it would be to sexy for her to say no to me

I think I got my girlfriend pregnant


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  • At 18?

    Dude... no, don't make that kind of commitment now. Not until 25 when your brain is fully developed. Otherwise, you are just setting yourself up likely for divorce. Plus, don't you want to have the experience of hookups, FWB's, etc in college? You might not now, but when you lock yourself into a marriage, it will already be too late.

    Wait 7 years or so.

    In fact, you should consider downgrading your relationship to an "open" on so you don't miss out on the college experience.

    • I am afraid she pregnant

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    • And if it's still within 3 days after, try to get her the morning-after-pill. Or if you two are okay with it, perhaps abortion.

    • A pregnancy is the worst ever reason to get married, and the most likely to bring misery to a marriage.

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  • Duuude your 18! Go to school or something. People change a lot during that age. That's why a lot of people who get married young don't have a good relationship.

    • I am almost done with school in beginning of may

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    • He could cook meth

    • Oh yeah, I forgot about that option!

      Asker, don't do any more schooling! Cook up meth instead. Only go to school if you blow up your garage & need a job to pay for it,

  • Jus go classic nice dinner and then the questions


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  • Unless she's over 25, and you've already had 4 years of sexual relationship with her, I certainly don't think so.
    If she's under 25, your chances of divorce or separation within the next 5-10 years are over 50%, and it gets worse if she is much younger. It doesn't matter how much she loves you now That has no bearing on the future. She won't even need a reason to divorce you, when it happens.

  • step 1 be sexy
    step 2 give her a full body orgasm (find a tutorial on a p*rn site)
    step 3 have a nice ring
    step 4 go on your knee
    step 5 tell her all the reasons why she is the one
    step 6 pop the question
    step 7 get rejected cuz girls want romantic more than sexy

  • Go to the beach at sunset or on a mountain.